Wild Tribe Achievement Award

This award can be seen as a mini Duke of Edinburgh award for primary aged children. The award will be overseen at school but elements can be done at home and in the community.
The aim of the award is to develop children as rounded individuals who can have fun, grow in confidence, learn new life skills and appreciate nature. 
Key stage one children can undertake the bronze element of the award, year 3/4 can undertake the silver award and year 5/6 can undertake the gold award. 
Each award level is made up of activities to complete from four different strands:
Health and Wellbeing
Volunteering and Leading
Life Skills
Respecting and Enjoying the Natural Environment
Once the children have completed the relevant number of activities from each section, they then have to undertake the Adventure Challenge as the final activity to then receive their certificate. This is the same for bronze, silver and gold.