World Book Day

1st April 2016
We recieved this email from the organisers of the World Book Day Quiz.
'Thank you for all your help, work and support on behalf of our Guinness World Records® Attempt, which we announced on World Book Day 2016 was a HUGE success! 
You helped us set a new record for the Most people participating in simultaneous literature quizzes, and we were absolutely overwhelmed by the number of book lovers all across the world who joined us for the Bumper Book Quiz on Monday 22nd February.
Because of the volume of submissions received it took a while to authenticate all the evidence, but we’re very excited to announce that, in news just in, a whopping 11,828 of you successfully took part. That’s nearly FOUR AND A HALF TIMES the record we needed to beat!
Over 115 schools, libraries, bookshops and publishing houses worldwide took the quizzes simultaneously and we were able to announce that we’d successfully set a new world record on World Book Day itself, Thursday 3rd March 2016. 
“Nothing makes us happier than children and bookworms of all ages being united through two common goals: a love of reading, and the will to become Guinness World Records title holders. Huge congratulations to World Book Day and everybody that took part in the Bumper Book Quiz – this is a fantastic achievement and may well be worthy of a place in our very own bumper book this year.”
Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of the Guinness World Records book'
We recieved this certificate also: