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Fourlanesend CP School


Welcome to our class pages:

Class Plym  Foundation Class  Miss Gillespie   
Class Cremyll  Year 1 and 2 Miss Gillespie, Mrs Cunningham & Mrs Norton
Class Tamar   Year 3 and 4

Mrs Green & Mr Gargan 

Class Lynher  Year 5 and 6 Mrs Cunningham & Mrs Ferguson

For more information about our nursery provision, please click here.

Class Arrangements for 23/24:

Class Lynher – Y5/6 Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Ferguson with Mrs Adams (Class Teaching Assistant).

Class Tamar – Y3/4 Mr Gargan and Mrs Green with Mrs Welch (Class Teaching Assistant).

Class Cremyll – Y1/Y2 Miss Gillespie teaching English, Maths and Science; Mrs Cunningham teaching Computing, Music, PSHE, PE and RE; Mrs Norton teaching Art, D/T, History and Geography with Mrs Fiore (Class Teaching Assistant).

Class Plym – FS Miss Gillespie and Mrs Gibson (Class Teaching Assistant and Higher Level Teaching Assistant).

Our top end of school – the new build area will house Classes Plym and Cremyll. The lower part of school – the old building will house Classes Tamar and Lynher.

From September 2023 Emma Cunningham will become our SENDCo.