Autumn Term 2017

Friday 1st December
We have been enjoying using the equipment in gymnastics to practise our balances and have been really imaginative. We have also been developing our rolling skills and have been successful in forward and backward rolls and worked well together to do synchronised teddy bear rolls.
In geography we are learning about the coast and have been naming the different parts and understanding how it is formed.
In our last week on poetry we have been memorising poems by Ted Hughes and then preparing them to perform in front of the class. This took a lot of confidence but we all did it.
Rehearsals for Carmen are coming on well and we have also been rehearsing for singing at Mount Edgcumbe.
Maths sheet on area due Thursday
5 times reading due Friday
Spelling/handwriting sheet and test on Friday
Friday 24th November
This week saw our first netball tournament of the school year. We really enjoyed it and were proud to win one of our matches. We are looking forward to playing again in the future.
We have been working hard on our singing for Carmen and are starting to put it all together with action and acting in between. The teachers said it sounded good when they heard us in assembly.
Today we edited and wrote out our best version of a seasonal poem using as many figurative devices as we could. We are very good at using similes and are working to include metaphors and personification too. We also wrote a whole class poem and had to include an extra verse as we came up with so many ideas.
In maths we are looking at measures and in particular perimeter. We used our new individual logins on Mymaths to do some online activities as well as drawing out shapes on squared paper to measure.
Year 5 made it through to the next round of the Wordmania competition so they have been trying to get as many points and diamond letters as they can. It's a fun way to practice spelling.
We finished our evolution unit in science this week and were looking at how through the years selective breeding has been used to produce animals and plants. We are now looking forward to getting stuck into some experiments for our materials topic.
Due Thursday
Maths - perimeter worksheet
Due Friday
5 x reading signed
Spelling/handwriting sheet and test
Friday 17th November
On Wednesday we had a wonderful day going down to Truro on the train looking around the museum and taking part in a workshop at the cathedral.
Today we had PE and enjoyed playing island hopping to warm up and then we were looking at creating balances with a partner, including some full body weight balances. We then put these into sequences.
In maths the year 6s started to learn about BIDMAS and were very enthusiastic.
For anti-bullying week we created a class jigsaw of all the things that make us us.
Yesterday we met up with class mania and tried to beat our scores on Word mania and had a dodgeball competition.
Maths due Thursday
Year 5 mental arithmetic
Year 6 Order of operations
5 times reading due Friday
Handwriting/spelling sheet due Friday 
Friday 10th November
This week we have really enjoyed getting to know the poems of Ted Hughes and are looking forward to writing our own in a similar style next week.
We had the apparatus out in gymnastics and were looking at putting balances into a sequence as we rotated around. We are working on beginning and finishing our movements with control.
Prime numbers and factors have been a particular focus in maths and we were really enthusiastic in drawing prime factor trees today but realised how important knowing our times tables is.
We began whole school practice of our end of term production of Carmen this afternoon. We are enjoying combining the acting and singing parts.
5 x reading signed in your reading record
Handwriting sheet to be completed and then used to memorise your spellings
Maths - either multiplication and division sheet or problem solving
Friday 3rd November
On Tuesday we had a visit from Daya who came to teach us about Hinduism. We cooked with her, learnt about traditional dress, dance and prayer.
Yesterday we did gymnastics and learnt to do a head stand. This took a lot of strength in our stomach muscles.
We have been looking at a poem called The Warm and The Cold by Ted Hughes. We have used his style of including similes to write our own.
Today we completed our final drawings to go with our Cornish myths to be published in a book.
Due Monday 6th November:
Subject/Object English sheet
Due Thursday 9th November:
Maths homework - spend up to 30 mins on this
Due Friday 10th November
Reading record signed to show you have read 5 times to an adult
Handwriting sheet - remember you should use this to practise your handwriting then use it to help you memorise your spellings
Friday 20th October
We have had a busy end to the half term.
This week we have been writing furiously to complete our Cornish myths. We are hoping to publish these as part of a wider school project.
In PE we had great fun using our upper body and core strength to climb, jump, twist and roll ourselves around the apparatus.
Yesterday we raised over £200 with our 'fill a jar' raffle. This money is going to be put towards our whole school chosen idea of a quiet area on the playground. We will use other events through the year to add to this.
Today we used all of our school values to take part in a musical theatre filming session. Ronnie made a very scary Miss Trunchball. We are looking forward to receiving the edited copy in a few weeks.
Half term homework
Due Tuesday 31st October
Short story for the competition - free choice of topic/ genre
Due Thursday 2nd November
Maths either:
  • Multiplication grids - spend as long as needed to complete the first (the one in order) then spend only five minutes on each of the others to try and build up your speed
  • Multiplication/place value problems
Due Friday 3rd November
Spelling/ handwriting sheet
5 times reading to be signed by an adult
Friday 13th October
We researched facts about Yule for RE which is a pre-Christian festival. It is the winter solstice.
In science we have been looking into how fossil evidence can show evolution over time. We looked at horse fossils in particular and we could see that they had changed in size getting much bigger over time.
For maths we had a treasure hunt around the grounds of the school, making us use our word problem and calculation skills. We had to work in teams and try and be the first one back with all correct.
We have read a modern legend in English this week which had a ghost in. We made our own predictions and then read on to see if they came true.
Maths due Thursday - maze investigation sheet
Spelling/handwriting due Friday
5 times reading due Friday  
Friday 6th October 2017
This week we have started looking at myths and legends and were comparing different versions of the Pied Piper of Hamelin including a poem that had lots of imaginative description.
In hockey we were practicing push passing while travelling and using this to play mini games.
We have been deepening our skills in written methods of addition and subtraction and also deciding when a mental method might be more efficient.
Due Monday
English - prepositions and year 6 also the 10 minute blast of reading and grammar
Due Thursday 
Maths - you all have an investigation which will take trial and error.
Due Friday
Reading 5 times signed by an adult
Spelling handwriting homework
Friday 29th September
To celebrate National Poetry day we looked at a poem linked to freedom and then wrote our own. A photo of some of the best will be going up on the display in the office area.
On Wednesday we went to a Junior Lifeskills event at Liskeard fire station where we learnt about many different ways to keep ourselves safe including online, on the roads and railways and fire safety.
We also got to dress up as cows for international milk day and meet a real one! We also made clay ones.
In science we looked at many different views on evolution and how these have changed over time.
The Bronze Age was our focus for history this week. We learnt about the weapons they used and their houses.
Maths - Yr 5 and 6 have a sheet on negative numbers. Year 6 have their ten minute blast.
Spellings to be learnt and handwriting sheet to be completed
5 times reading to be signed by an adult
We have all enjoyed coming back to school and getting to know the new people in our class.
In history we starting looking at the stone age and how we would have survived. It was exciting hearing about our ancestors.
Year 6 started training in their new homework - 10 minute blasts of maths, reading and SPaG. They were very enthusiastic.
For science we were investigating inheritance and while a lot of us knew that we got things from our parents it was interesting looking at how genes make us different to our brothers and sisters. We also learnt a lot of new key science words.
Due Thursday
Year 6 ten minute sheet
Year 5 times tables and division sheet - only do ten minutes please so I know what you can do
Due Friday
5 times reading to be signed by an adult
Handwriting sheet of spellings to be completed and spellings learnt for a test on Friday
Friday 15th September 2017
We had a fantastic time on our trip to the Eden Project. In the tropical biome we went on a wobbly bridge which led us to a steam bridge. We had a workshop about Charles Darwin and then looked at plants that showed different adaptations. This linked in very nicely to our science lesson on inheritance and adaptation. We used what we had seen at Eden as examples.
In maths we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and looked at how these numbers would sit on a number line.
We made posters in DT using the laptops to show examples of different places for tourists to stay in Cornwall. We found some very diverse settings.
For English we have been studying the Museum of Fun on the interactive whiteboard and we are now going to use these ideas to write a review of the Eden Project.
In RE we looked at the wheel of seasons which was used by Cornishmen before the Christian era. They had 8 seasons and had festivals for each.
Maths due Thursday
You all have a sheet on Roman Numerals - year 6 you also have your ten minute blast.
Spelling due Friday
Handwriting sheet and learn words for the test
Reading due Friday
Please record what you have read to an adult and get them to comment on it