Spring Term 1 2020

Friday 13th March
We have had a very busy week.
In maths we have been looking at shape, focussing on perimeter, area and volume. We have had fun using cubes to make 3d shapes and then work out their volumes.
We have come to the end of our Macbeth unit in English, finishing with a balanced argument on whether Macbeth was a hero or villain.
To take part in Sports Relief today, we came dressed in our sports wear and took part in a danceathon this afternoon. 
Reading Daily
Spelling to be in and tested on Tuesday
Prepare to write a Cornish story for Tuesday and come in with some sort of plan
Y5 times tables due on Wed
Y6 Maths due Thursday
Friday 14th February
We have had a fun last week before half term.
On Monday we welcomed Daya back to school who taught us about Islam. She also treated us to some of her amazing potato curry, chapatis and Indian sweets.
We combined PE and science to carry out an investigation on pulse rate and exercise. We decided that to be accurate we would need to repeat the experiment as some of our pulses seemed to go down after exercise but we think they were anomalous results or down to inaccurate readings.
Year 6 have approached algebra with real confidence this week and worked systematically to find all possibilities to fit equations.
We created compositions in music to represent a plant growing. We chose instruments to match the sounds of different aspects such as rain, roots and the sun.
This afternoon we have cooked Chinese stir fry. We chopped and grated lots of vegetables and then combined them with rice noodles, 5 spice and soy sauce. The classroom smells amazing.
Spellings due Wednesday back
Year 5 maths due Wednesday back
Year 6 maths due Thursday back
Rame Environment Open Day homework due Monday 24th February 
Friday 7th February
It's February already. The weeks are flying by.
This week we had a fun afternoon making quesadillas in DT. We made our own guacamole and salsa to go with it. It was brilliant that the whole class used their confidence to try something.
In English we finished our Matilda unit and have begun posters to try and persuade people to read.
Year 6 have been getting their teeth into ratio in maths and we talked about how this is very useful in the real world.
For computing we looked at conditionals to help us program some Minecraft related scenes using If boxes.
Reading daily
Spelling due Wednesday
Year 5 maths due Wednesday
Year 6 maths due Thursday
Friday 24th January 2020
This afternoon we began our music composition topic. We looked at how composers sometimes use a sketchbook to begin making notes about a composition and then made our own version.
We are learning to tell the time in French and have been learning the o'clock, half past and quarter past and too.
We have put lots of enthusiasm into our PE this week. We played basketball and were looking at passing. In our other session we performed the Haka.
In English we have been looking at persuasive devices and wrote a speech to persuade someone to vote for our nominee for a role model award. We also looked at figurative language and how this can be used to describe people. We then had fun describing Miss Trunchbull.
Yr 5 maths due Wednesday
Yr 6 maths due Thursday
Reading daily
Spellings Wednesday
Friday 17th 
The weeks already seem to be flying by.
This week we have been revising our numbers in French in order to do some time telling next week.
In PE we played benchball and dodgeball. We were learning to move quickly and with agility.  We also made posters to show the rules of basketball.
For Jigsaw we used the laptops to make something to advertise a charity.
In English we have been reading Matilda and will be doing work linked to this next week. We have been discussing and finding examples of neglect in the book.
Reading - daily
Year 6 English due Tuesday
Spelling and year 5 maths due Wednesday
Year 6 maths due Thursday
Friday 31st January
What a busy week.
We have been continuing to use persuasive devices in English and particularly used our E for L when writing a sales pitch for one of Mr Wormwood's rusty old cars.
In science we linked with work we did in years 3/4 on the digestive system to see how nutrients and water are transported through the body by linking to the circulatory system.
In basketball we were practicing passing and also performed our Hakas. 
Percentages have been our focus for maths and how they can be linked to decimals and fractions. E.g. 50%, 0.5 and 1/2.
Reading - daily
Spellings  - Wednesday
Year 5 maths - Wednesday
Year 6 maths - Thursday
Friday 10th January
Welcome back for a new year and a new decade.
For PE we put together a new wake and shake and also did some keep fit with the 5 minute move videos from Joe Wicks. We have also begun our new dance unit.
In English we were recapping some grammar including word classes.
We have begun the new year with a maths blitz on decimals. We have been understanding thousandths and ordering and comparing numbers with up to 3 decimal places. We know that having more decimal places does not always mean it is a bigger number. E.g. 3.4 and 3.3999.
In some shared work with key stage 1 we looked at their favourite stories and helped them to write about them. We also wrote about why we love reading and some of our top tips and books.
Reading - reading record to come in daily
Spelling due Wednesday
Y5 maths - times tables due Wednesday
Y6 maths - 10 minute test due Thursday